Sunday, 29 April 2012

Honestly this song speaks for itself..
I cant really say to much about it or this band that they aren't saying themselves.
I know I'm hooked

Friday, 27 January 2012

Cover Song Friday Vol.3

Its raining, its pouring, its cold out. I did what anyone of my age would? do, I topped off my cup of coffee and threw on some Alice In Chains. Now it being cover song Friday, I decided to search for a good cover rather than draw from my collection.
I have come to find, and no disrespect, but there really isnt that many good AIC covers.
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals did a decent cover of "Down In A Hole", then there was Stained and, no thank you.
I wanted a cover of "Nutshell". I found these two. I'm assuming unsigned musicians belting it out on Youtube.
This song has always been pretty personal to me, seems it is to a lot of people. These two artists made me feel like it was the first time I'd heard it..

Monicka Hove can be found here. and here. Here is her cover of "Nutshell"

Ive followed this guy around Youtube, I think he did some slide guitar tutorials.
Josh McELhannon or greezmunky111 can be found here and here.
His cover of "Nutshell"


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wax On Wednesday

Welcome to the first installment of Wax On Wednesday.
I can't promise you consistency but, I'll try.

You see, I have a large collection of music. Its on my computer, its on tape, cd, and most importantly to me...vinyl. Lp, record, wax...I love to spin the black circle.

My vinyl collection is a mix of now, then, obscure, and I bought it because the cover looked cool.
There is nothing like the warmness a record in good shape can produce. Digital is great and all but, my ears hear in analog not digital.

So here we go. Nirvana's Insecticide.

 I plan on uploading direct video and audio in the future. This will have to do for today.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Cover Song Friday Vol.2

Yup, its already Friday.
Enjoy Scrappy.

 Cash covering Springsteen

Springsteen covering Cash

Friday, 13 January 2012

Cover Song Friday Vol.1

I have a huge collection of covers. Its an obsession.
I've decided in part to get myself to participate in my own blog, to theme a few days.
So without hesitation, here is the first installment of Cover Song Friday

Take em or leave em. Dinosaur Jr. covering The Cure's "Just Like Heaven

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A River Runs Through IT.

Before Nirvana, before Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains...there was Green River.
I don't think I know of anyone that shares love for this little known band, well not anyone I know personally.

Green River contained musicians that would later go on to form a list of pretty influential bands.
Pearl Jam
Mother Love Bone
Love Battery.
The list goes on and on Nirvana to the most underground.
Green River seems to have ties to a vast majority of music that came and continues to come out of the Pacific North west.

In summary, its like doing slappy grinds in front of  7-11 at 2 a.m. circa 1990, while talking to Jimi Hendrix..then getting punched in the head by Henry Rollins.

Soundgarden covered this song on there 1988 e.p. Fopp...I think. I have it somewhere.
Yes there was Soundgarden before Spoon man...even before Rusty Cage.

" Swallow My Pride"


Friday, 23 September 2011

Rapid Eye Movement

I wouldn't call myself a big fan, maybe more of a sometimes listener. Although for some reason I own a large majority of their work on a mix of vinyl and cd, but you know casual listener.

9-21-11 R.E.M. call its quits and I have nothing but respect for a band that says, we've done what we want now there's no more, lets not beat a dead horse. BY no means is that a quote, just my take on  it.
This is sums things up as it is taken from the bands site .

It wasn't till I got older that I really started to appreciate what they did.
It wasn't till I decided to write this that I really grasped the amount of truly well written music R.E.M. released.
I was a child, a teen, an adult, with R.E.M. Love them or hate them you can't deny their place in music.

Top five was really difficult and this list would probably change tomorrow, but for today and the sake of...well the sake of something, here is my Top Five by Michael Stipe and the boys.

Its The End Of The World
I'm going to say this is my favorite R.E.M. song and video. Probably one of my favorite songs period.

Fall On Me

The One I Love
Who didn't like this song at one time or another

Orange Crush
A very close second to Its The End Of The World

The embed link was disabled so heres the regular link