Tuesday, 31 August 2010

It's better to burn out than fade away...

Although this first top 5 post should go to Social Distortion, it's not.
In 1989 I was introduced to a band called Nirvana. The first band I was truly in love with, collected vinyl, b-sides, imports, and rare items...all before Kurt killed himself...all before "Smells like teen spirit" hit the radio and Mtv.

A time in life I don't think I could explain. I was there, I lived it. I didn't buy a R.I.P. KURT shirt....but the kids that made fun of me did. The kids that didn't listen to Nirvana until the media told them too, and I still don't think they "listened".

I loved Nirvana...the band.

I have a hard time listening to Nirvana, a really hard time. Again, I can't explain it, and I don't want to. I lost something April 5 1994.

I can't place a top 5 on Nirvana, or a top 10.

It is far to much for me to narrow down.
I can give you this though.

This first Nirvana song I ever heard, Love Buzz...

...and the song that was playing in my bedroom when my mother knocked on my door and said, "You might want to come see this, Kurt has been found dead, I'm really sorry"
I didn't go to school for a week.
Even In His Youth

Nirvana made a hole in my heart.....or maybe they filled one...