Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A River Runs Through IT.

Before Nirvana, before Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains...there was Green River.
I don't think I know of anyone that shares love for this little known band, well not anyone I know personally.

Green River contained musicians that would later go on to form a list of pretty influential bands.
Pearl Jam
Mother Love Bone
Love Battery.
The list goes on and on Nirvana to the most underground.
Green River seems to have ties to a vast majority of music that came and continues to come out of the Pacific North west.

In summary, its like doing slappy grinds in front of  7-11 at 2 a.m. circa 1990, while talking to Jimi Hendrix..then getting punched in the head by Henry Rollins.

Soundgarden covered this song on there 1988 e.p. Fopp...I think. I have it somewhere.
Yes there was Soundgarden before Spoon man...even before Rusty Cage.

" Swallow My Pride"


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