Friday, 23 September 2011

Rapid Eye Movement

I wouldn't call myself a big fan, maybe more of a sometimes listener. Although for some reason I own a large majority of their work on a mix of vinyl and cd, but you know casual listener.

9-21-11 R.E.M. call its quits and I have nothing but respect for a band that says, we've done what we want now there's no more, lets not beat a dead horse. BY no means is that a quote, just my take on  it.
This is sums things up as it is taken from the bands site .

It wasn't till I got older that I really started to appreciate what they did.
It wasn't till I decided to write this that I really grasped the amount of truly well written music R.E.M. released.
I was a child, a teen, an adult, with R.E.M. Love them or hate them you can't deny their place in music.

Top five was really difficult and this list would probably change tomorrow, but for today and the sake of...well the sake of something, here is my Top Five by Michael Stipe and the boys.

Its The End Of The World
I'm going to say this is my favorite R.E.M. song and video. Probably one of my favorite songs period.

Fall On Me

The One I Love
Who didn't like this song at one time or another

Orange Crush
A very close second to Its The End Of The World

The embed link was disabled so heres the regular link

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In Rotation

So its been a while.
If you put my Zune on shuffle its a confused ride down a twisted musical highway.
I have decided to go against my own structure and just let it flow.

Here's five songs from five bands that have been spinning a lot for me.
Some are new, some are older.

Scrappy, this brings me back to a Sonic Youth tinged 90's..not bad for a new release.

Old Crow Medicine Show
Just a great band..period.

Robert Gordon, look him up. Pretty cool stuff.

I'm sorry..I like them.
Foster The People

The Drums. I don't know why but I like em, yes I do. Plus this video is great.

Enjoy, till next time...or month..or year.