Friday, 27 January 2012

Cover Song Friday Vol.3

Its raining, its pouring, its cold out. I did what anyone of my age would? do, I topped off my cup of coffee and threw on some Alice In Chains. Now it being cover song Friday, I decided to search for a good cover rather than draw from my collection.
I have come to find, and no disrespect, but there really isnt that many good AIC covers.
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals did a decent cover of "Down In A Hole", then there was Stained and, no thank you.
I wanted a cover of "Nutshell". I found these two. I'm assuming unsigned musicians belting it out on Youtube.
This song has always been pretty personal to me, seems it is to a lot of people. These two artists made me feel like it was the first time I'd heard it..

Monicka Hove can be found here. and here. Here is her cover of "Nutshell"

Ive followed this guy around Youtube, I think he did some slide guitar tutorials.
Josh McELhannon or greezmunky111 can be found here and here.
His cover of "Nutshell"


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Anonymous said...


Seriously. Thanks for that.

One of the most beautifully haunting songs ever. I can remember watching Unplugged on MTV and seeing Layne up there on that stage belting that out and thinking he looked so sad.

I guess he was.

Listening to this song (as I do often, just not usually in coever form) I really realize that we had some of the best music even come from any generation. Except fro the Beatles and the Stones, what bands can you think of that just transend time like Nirvana and AIC? I mean, our children and our grandchildren will be listening to and appreciating this music as much as or MORE than we did with the Stones or the Beatles.

Seriously, though.....fucken awesome choice to bring on the weekend.

PS: It is sunny and warm here. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo.