Friday, 13 January 2012

Cover Song Friday Vol.1

I have a huge collection of covers. Its an obsession.
I've decided in part to get myself to participate in my own blog, to theme a few days.
So without hesitation, here is the first installment of Cover Song Friday

Take em or leave em. Dinosaur Jr. covering The Cure's "Just Like Heaven


Anonymous said...

Wow. Two totally awesome thing sthat remind me of why I love being a Gen Xer....Dinosaur Jr and "Just Like Heaven". Ah, bliss.

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for Cover Song Friday. Maybe ANY of Mr. Cash's covers (anything but "Rusty Cage" please) or maybe even a weird one (at least for me).....Jewel's version of "Wild Horses"?

I have so many.

PS: Did you know that the Stones version of "Wild Horses" is TECHNICALLY a cover? Sure they wrote it, but they gave the first publishing rights to Gram Parsons who released it a full two years before they did?

The most you know, right?

PPS: Sorry for the novel.

Starts with one said...

Your Novel is always welcome.
Next Friday will be a Cash cover, or Cash covering, or both, for one of my favorite Bloggers..ah shit, friend. Can I call you friend my friend?
I was aware of the "Wild Horses" thing but somehow did not know it was given to Gram Parsons.
Now, I must go and re-vamp this Blog a little. Checkerboard. Really?